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President's Day 2020

When is President’s Day in 2020?

President’s Day 2019 18 February 2019 Monday
President’s Day 2020 17 February 2020 Monday
President’s Day 2021 15 February 2021 Monday
President’s Day 2022 21 February 2022 Monday
President’s Day 2023 20 February 2023 Monday
President’s Day 2024 19 February 2024 Monday
President’s Day 2025 17 February 2025 Monday

Presidents day is a federal holiday in the United States which is observed and celebrated on the third Monday of February. It is officially known as Washington’s Birthday in the United States as it was originally established to celebrate George Washington, the first President of USA’s Birthday. However, eventually, the day became an occasion to commemorate all who have served as the President, especially George Washington (1732- 1799) and Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865).

The President’s day was first recognized and celebrated in 1885, by the Act of Congress, which established it as a federal holiday in the honor of the commander of the continental army and the first President of USA, George Washington. It is a celebration of legendary pride and glory of the Presidents of the USA especially, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


When George Washington ((22nd February 1732 – 14th December 1799) was born America was not a free Nation. It was under British rule. Washington was an American general who struggled for Freedom of America from the British. After attaining freedom, he became the First President of America. This made him a historical legend who is widely loved, respected and remembered by the people of America. Therefore, after the death of George Washington in 1885, the day of his birth called “Washington’s Birthday” became a federal holiday in his honor.

It was celebrated on the Birthday of Washington according to the Gregorian Calendar. Later in 1971, the holiday was shifted to the third Monday of February by the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which aims at giving federal holidays on Monday so as to have long weekends for the working class. Since the date was shifted closer to the Birthday of the 16th President of USA Abraham Lincoln (12th February 1809 – 15th April 1865), it became a common belief that the day was meant to be celebrated as a common tribute to both the leaders.


The President’s day is celebrated as a federal holiday across all the federal states wherein all the federal and state government’s offices and services are closed. However, it is not just a holiday but an occasion which is viewed with great patriotism and historic remembrance.  The President’s day is celebrated in all the federal states but the grandest celebrations can be seen in Washington’s hometown, Alexandria, Virginia. The city hosts a month-long tribute which is the largest and the longest-running parade of Washington’s Birthday.

 It is an occasion of cultural pride and heritage wherein children are taught about the history of the Presidents of the USA. There are plays, re-enactments, and portrayal of the life and works of the Presidents of the USA.

 A delicacy that is especially associated with the President’s day is the Cherry Pie. This is in the light of a classic and legendary story about the chopping down of a cherry tree when Washington was young.

Though most states celebrate this day as a tribute and commemoration of all the Presidents of the USA, some states pay more Importance to George Washington, owing to its origin and few states pay more attention to Abraham Lincoln as his birthday also falls in the mid of February.


  1. As the day is celebrated on the third Monday of February, its date of celebration ranges from almost 15-21 February.
  2. The day falls between the birthdays the two most recognized and beloved Presidents of the USA, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.
  3. In 1971 the then time President of USA Richard Nixon declared the day as President’s day to be celebrated in the honor of all Presidents.
  4. The date also commemorates the creation of Purple Heart, the first military badge of merit for the common soldier, which bears the picture of Washington. It was revived in 1932, on Washington’s Birthday and is awarded to soldiers who are injured and wounded in the battlefields.


As they say that “a great Nation is a Nation that respects the services of its heroes”, the President’s day truly memorializes, highlights and reminds us of the conviction, courage, and strength of the great leaders and statesmen of the USA.



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