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Printable October 2019 Calendar

Here are Printable October 2019 Calendar to help you manage your most sought and regular tasks. Being digitally active is a necessity today but one shouldn’t detach from its roots. There is no match with basic things, for example, ‘ a printable calendar.

Although there are online calendars which come with a lot of advanced functionalities and adaptability but the feel of a real paper calendar is more fulfilling. Accomplishing much-sought tasks and crossing them down from a printable calendar one by one gives much satisfaction.

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Free Printable Monthly Calendars


Here are certain things that I have followed from years
which helped me to manage my time schedule that you may find helpful:

1. Use Calendar Blocks

Over the years, whenever I tried to ditch time, it always backfired and I ended up being frustrated, stressed and unproductive. Eventually, by the time, I realized the importance of being punctual. I followed the certain rule which has to be followed up, no matter what the circumstances are. Somehow if you couldn’t manage to pull out certain things at the anticipated time, always there should be a Plan B to fix the damage.

printable calendars play a major role in managing schedule. Like below given spacious calendar with large date containers. Try this October 2019 calendar printable, it could be used effectively for making calendar blocks.

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2. Schedule your exercise and family time

If you are seriously considered to get this done, then it requires some dedication. The same rule applies to family or considering your health. Make this into the habit to maintain a calendar whether its twice in a week, thrice in a week or daily.

Place all your important activities into calendar this can be your exercise routine, coaching classes, swimming classes or gym classes. I put on my sport shoes at 6.30 pm and hit the gym at 7 pm and rarely distract from my routine.

The same rules apply while planning with family. Today, 24 hours seems to be less to most of the workaholic people like me. Work is a never-ending process but it shouldn’t come on the price of family. If you are not able to manage your work properly, you will end up losing time with your family.

Blank Calendar: Fillable PDF Templates

Try our Blank Calendar in Editable PDF format and edit your calendar right on your device.

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3. Arrange Group meetings

Arrange your calendar with upcoming meetings, arrange them in weekly or monthly planners, whichever suits you better. Figure out the number of outdoor and indoor meetings in coming days and align them in calendar blocks. Additionally, you may color code different blocks.

For example, outdoor meetings with red color and indoor with green color. This way you can easily figure out monthly or weekly meetings schedule just with a glare. Use other blocks of calendars for more important tasks.

This beautiful printable October 2019 calendar with white background is an ideal choice.

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October 2019 Calendar with Holidays

There are many holidays to celebrate in October in the United States but yes of course but Columbus Day and Halloween Day are the most popular.

Holidays in October

Oct-14 Monday Columbus Day 2019
Oct-16 Wednesday Boss’s Day 2019
Oct-19 Saturday Sweetest Day 2019
Oct-31 Thursday Halloween Day 2019
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Holidays in India in October 2019



When is Dussehra in 2019? Dussehra: Monday: October 7, 2019 When is Diwali in 2019? Diwali/Deepavali: Sunday: October 27, 2019

These are some of the major holidays in October 2019 across countries. You may look into your schedule and plan your vacations accordingly.

I am keen to seek feedback if you find these calendars helpful, kindly mention in the comment section below.

Download Free 2019 Printable Calendars in black and white, and colored templates for the whole year.

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