11 Not to be missed July Holidays in 2020

2020 July Holidays: Here you will get info about some popular and offbeat holidays in July across. Independence Day is the most popular holiday in July in the United States but apart from that but there are some state-level holidays and observances.

July Holiday Calendar
2020 July Calendar with Popular and Offbeat Holidays

July is the month to relish mango ice creams, drink cold smoothies, and visit water parks. It is also the time to give a boost to your fitness regime and get the summer body you had been dreaming about.

July Holidays List

July is considered as one of the hot months in the northern hemisphere. It is the 7th month of the year and commences the second half of the year. Since it is obnoxiously hot in July, the month is given the title of ‘Dogs Days of Summer’.

 Here is a list of some popular and non-popular July holidays:

July 1 – Cheer Up the Lonely Day 
July 2 – World UFO Day 
July 4 – Independence Day 
July 7 – World Chocolate Day 
July 12 – Malala Day 
July 15 – Give Something Away Day 
July 16 – Get to Know Your Customers Day 
July 17 – World Emoji Day 
July 18 – Nelson Mandela International Day 
July 30 – International Day of Friendship 
July 31 – Talk in an Elevator Day 

independence Day

Happy Independence Day 2020
Happy Independence Day 2020

Independence Day: On every 4th of July, Independence Day is observed in the US. The day is honored and celebrated by shutting all the public places in the country, including malls, schools, and shops.

All emergency shops are open such as medical shops or hospitals. The day is considered as an important day for the US citizens, as this was the day when the US as a country got ultimate freedom. It was in 1947 when it commenced freedom from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The day is very often remembered as the anniversary of the ‘Partition’ which took the place of the subcontinents in the two countries.

How is Independence day celebrated:

On this day, the entire nation comes together to celebrate their freedom in the best possible way. The day is commemorated with fireworks and a barbeque to symbolize their utmost freedom.

Right in the morning, a vast parade takes place by the soldiers who practice for this day for months. In the various parts of the country, numerous international music concerts are organized.

The churches are seen all lit up with a bonfire and ringing bells. The citizens are also seen visiting each other for a casual evening snack and dinner to meet their loved ones. The entire day, one can hear and see the ranging fireworks which show the happiness which is thrown like confetti on this day.

Malala Day

Malala Day
Malala Day 2020

On the 12th of July each year, Malala day is observed. It was in the year 2012 on 9th October, a 15-year-old girl named Malala Yousafzai was returning to her home in a school bus when a Taliban had shot her in her head.

The brave girl survived and achieved tremendous things and worked hard towards the human right around the world. In the past, she had campaigned for the power of the girls in Pakistan to allow them to go to school, and due to this reason, the Taliban had targeted her.

It was in 2014, when the UN made 12th July as the ‘Malala Day’ official. Malala Yousafzai, a young girl, has managed to create an impact in society with her passion and bravery.

How is this day celebrated

On this day, social service centers and NGOs across the globe, run awareness campaigns to help the girls out there understand their rights and fight for their rights. On this day, villages pledge to educate their girl child in the best possible way they can by providing all the necessary resources.

Give Something Away Day

Give Something Away Day
Give Something Away Day

On the 15th of July each year, Give Something Away Day is celebrated in the United Nations. The central concept behind this day was to understand and acknowledge that each of us has extra than we require to live a basic life.

On this day, each citizen is given an opportunity to share a few of their bounties with the people who need this the most. The giving is considered as an essential aspect and a way of living in the United States.

One can give to the public sector, animals, human services, etc. as there is no compulsion, everything on this day happens out of the will.

How is the day celebrated:

On this day, each citizen is given an opportunity to share a few of their bounties with the people who need this the most. The giving is considered as an essential aspect and a way of living in the United States.

For example, one can pay for the coffee for the person standing behind in the line, make a donation of the extra clothes or shoes you own, donate local food or books to the ones who will benefit from them. Volunteer in organizations to make use of your skills.

Nelson Mandela International Day

Nelson Mandela Day
Nelson Mandela Day 2020

On the 18th of July each year, Nelson Mandela International Day is observed globally. This was the day that was declared officially by the United Nations in 2009. The first-ever Mandela Day UN was held on 18th July 2010 precisely ten years ago

This day has a call to action, which involves celebrating the idea of individuality which is there in each individual to transform the world and make a significant impact in this vast world.

Here is a very detailed message for the Mandala Day campaign, basically the core reason for UN making this day official:

 Nelson Mandela for 67 years, had fought for social justice. All that the organizers want on this day is to spend 67 years to reflect, introspect, and contribute to the world in the best possible way.

The main aim of this day is to bring together people across the globe to fight everyday issues of poverty. The people, along with the right intentions, can promote cultural diversity, peace, and reconciliation in the best possible way. This was one of the last wishes of Nelson Mandela itself.

How is Nelson Mandela day celebrated

On this day, various educational events along with art exhibitions and fund-raising events help across the globe by the Nelson Mandela foundations.


So now is the time to make an effective to-do-list and get started in no time. But it is also essential to know the list of important July holidays so that you can plan and celebrate each day wholeheartedly.

Hence to form a productive routine, it is essential you get your hands on the July 2020 Calendar. The calendar, which acts as the best planner helps you in forming a schedule that can bring the best out of you.

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