Free Printable April May 2020 Calendar on one page

Printable April May 2020 Calendar here again in the series. These two months are full of festivities and important occasions and events. There are two calendar templates one is a blank calendar and one with large dates.

April May 2020 Calendar

There will be two calendar templates and you may choose from among them. You can get it printed in the jpg and pdf format.

April May 2020 Calendar Printable Free templates

April May 2020 Calendar

Two months is a very long time and a lot happens in the months of April and May. We definitely do not want to miss out on any important occasion.

It is very easy to keep a track of these two months with the help of a printable calendar. A calendar makes you feel sorted regarding the activities to be done in the months of April and May.

Printable calendars enable you to mark all the significant dates, activities, meetings, and festivals. You can keep it in front of your eyes. There will be absolutely no need to flip through the pages. You need not sail through the months of April and May again and again.

Calendar for April and May 2020 on the single page:

We often tend to forget some of the important stuff because of excessive workload. This may lead to great catastrophes. It is very difficult to remember all of our work. Exams, class tests, important meetings, special days, personal events, and so on are so easy to miss out on. Even after trying hard not to forget anything, we often miss out on important days.

2020 April may calendar download calendar for two months

You can download your April May 2020 calendar in two methods. Let’s have a look. You may save the printable calendar in on your PC or laptop. Then you can take a print out later on as per your comfort. Print in JPG /Image: You have the freedom to choose any image of your choice. Then click on the image and simply take a printout from the device.

Printable Planner Templates

Weekly Planner
Monthly Planner
Daily Planner

Life can be smooth and sorted with printable calendars:

Today, it seems that instead of living our lives, we are participating in some kind of race. We want success and money at any cost. And for that, we are compromising with the quality of our life. Our life is no more peaceful.

Our daily routine has become too much complicated. No matter whether you are a businessman, or a student or housewife, you have to accept that you rush all day for accomplishing your goals.

To make our lives a bit easier, let’s introduce something amazing – a printable calendar. It is capable of keeping a track of all our activities. We can plan in advance about meetings, tests, exams, daily chores, anniversaries, birthdays, and all other significant dates and occasions.

Printable calendars are very easy to carry anywhere and we can customize them according to our requirements.


We hope that you like our April May 2020 calendar, they are very handy. Printable calendars make our lives organized and chaos-free. We achieve pour targets on time. We no more procrastinate our work.

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