Printable August 2020 calendar with Holidays {USA, India, and Philippines}

August is the 8th month of the year and is considered one of the most happening months of the year and there are lots of offbeat and popular holidays acorss countries and here are some August 2020 Calendar with holidays in USA and  other countries like India and Philippines.

Along the post you will find the following templates:

  • August 2020 Calendar with the United States Holidays
  • August 2020 Calendar with Indian Holidays
  • August 2020 Calendar with some Offbeat Holidays
  • August 2020 Calenda with Philippines Holidays
August 2020 Calendar with Holidays
August Holiday Calendar: World Humanitarian Day, International Youth Day

International Youth Day:

On the 12th of August each year, International Youth Day is observed. The day is considered as an awareness day by the United Nations. The main purpose behind the celebration of this day is to draw the attention of the youth about the various legal and cultural issues surrounding them. The very first ever International Youth Day was celebrated in the year 2000, 20 years back exactly. On this day the governments of the various countries along with the various social bodies take the opportunity to point out the various issues which have been taking place.

How is Youth day celebrated?

On this day, various workshops, seminars, fun events, awareness speeches are held to discuss the trending issues which relate to the youth. The local and international government officials of various countries are seen gathering together in one country to discuss and come up with various solutions. Each year, a theme is decided such as ‘Youth Building Peace’, ‘Safe Spaces for Youth’ etc. and the events are planned according to the theme.

2020 August Holidays Calendar
August 2020 Holidays Calendar

World Humanitarian Day:

On the 19th of July each year, World Humanitarian Day is celebrated globally and most popular amongst August Holidays. The day is celebrated to recognize all the humanitarian personnel and all of those individuals who have sacrificed their lives for various causes pertaining to the humanitarian grounds.

The day was designated by the official subsidiary of the UN which is the United Nations, General Assembly. This initiative was a part of the GA Resolution A/63/L.

This was the day when Sergio De Mello, the representative of the secretary-general to Iraq along with his 21 colleagues have killed Baghdad UN headquarters. This day is considered as a very sad day for the entire world yet a vital day.

World Humanitarian Day: the celebration

Although this is not the day considered for various celebrations, however, this day is taken extremely seriously by all the people across the globe. A lot of respect and love are shown towards individuals who have lost their lives for noble acts and empathy is shown towards the families of such people.

The government also makes sure to grant some benefits in the monetary terms to the families and help them in every possible way.

August 2020 calendar with holidays in India

August 2020 Calendar with Indian Holidays
  • Raksha Bandhan (August 3, 2020, Monday): Raksha Bandhan is a popular Hindu festival in India, its a symbol of love between brothers and sisters.
  • Janmashtami (August 11, 2020, Tuesday): Janmashtami is enthusiastically celebrated in India on the occasion of the birth of God Krishna, who was the 8th Avatar of Vishnu.
  • Independence Day (August 15, 2020, Saturday): Indians celebrate Independence Day annually on August 15th, is a National Holiday, and commemorating the Nation’s freedom from the United Kingdom.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi (August 22, 2020, Saturday): Ganesh Chaturthi has celebrated the arrival of Ganesha on Earth with his month Goddess Parvati.

August 2020 Calendar With Holidays In Philippines

August 2020 Calendar with Philippines Holidays
  • Kadayawan Festival (August 16, 2020, Sunday) –  The Kadayawan Festival is a yearly celebrated festival in the city of Davao in the Philippines.
  • Ninoy Aquino Day (August 21, 2020, Friday) – Ninoy Aquino Day, it’s a national non-working holiday in the Philippines commenced on 21st August every year
  • National Heroes‘ Day (August 31, 2020, Monday) – The day is a national holiday of Philippines, today people pay homage to the National Hero’s of the country.

offbeat August Holidays 2020 List

 Here is a list of some offbeat holidays which take place in the month of August:

August 1 – Respect for Parents Day 
August 2 – National Coloring Book Day 
August 8 – International Cat Day 
August 9 – National Book Lovers Day 
August 10 – National Lazy Day 
August 11 – National Sons and Daughters Day 
August 12 – International Youth Day 
August 12 – World Elephant Day 
August 13 – International Lefthanders Day 
August 15 – National Relaxation Day 
August 16 – National Tell a Joke Day 
August 19 –  World Photo Day 
August 19 – World Humanitarian Day 
August 20 – National Lemonade Day 
August 26 – National Dog Day 
August 26 – National Women’s Equality Day 


August can be considered as one of the best months to get back your routine back. To prepare a plan, one must also be aware of all the important August holidays and make sure to not miss out on any festival.

To be able to get back to routine, one will need to make an effective to-do list and jot down all the important points and do a proper self-analysis before actually breaking back to your routine. For this, one can make use of the August 2020 calendar which acts as a great planner. Protection Status