2020 Free Printable Cute Calendar

Cute calendar templates 2020 for our kids to help them get in a routine of planning their tasks and striking them off. To get used to this dynamic world our kids live in, it becomes vital to get our hands-on calendars. Calendars are one of the most organized planners which can exist free of cost. In the fast-paced lives we are living in, imagine the kind of life waits for our kids?

Cute calendar Instill Interest in Children

Decorative calendars for kids are very beneficial and have various advantages to offer. They help in making the dull days more interesting with their mere presence. Here are monthly calendar templates which we have specially created for keeping kids in mind. We hope kids will love them.

Cute January Calendar 2020

This is the month of new beginnings. People welcome the New Year on the first day of the month itself. Celebrating the New Year in chilly, ice-cold weather is total fun. The monthly calendar for January depicts a cute iceman. Kids, especially, are very fond of the iceman, and their New Year celebration remains incomplete without making one.

January 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable January 2021 Cute Calendar Iceman

Cute February Calendar 2020

Love is in the air, and kids, too, need lots of love and affection from their parents and friends. For February, we have an adorable, snuggly partner – a cute teddy. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by gifting your kids a cute, colorful monthly calendar and see them fall in love with the teddy.

February 2020 Calendar
Printable February 2020 Cute Calendar, Valentine’s Day

Cute March Calendar 2020

On 17th March, people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It is a feast day commemorating the death of St. Patrick. Wearing green attire or Shamrock is mandatory on this day, and hence, our calendar takes inspiration from this. It depicts an animated figure wearing green clothes, and a shamrock is there too.

Printable March 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable March 2020 Calendar St Patrick’s Day

As the name suggests, these are super cute and adorable calendar templates. You will definitely fall in love with them. The work atmosphere or study schedule can really be very hectic and grumpy. Following the blank calendars and completing the deadlines every day can get monotonous and boring sometimes. So, if you want to get rid of that gloomy kind of ambiance you should look for some really cute calendars.

Cute April Calendar 2020

April is the month for celebrating Easter or Resurrection of Jesus. The main symbols of Easter are the Easter Bunny and the Easter Eggs. According to popular folklore, the endearing Easter bunny portrayed in the calendar brings Easter eggs and other goodies to the lovely kids. This calendar will help remind the kids that they need to be nice and well behaved.

Printable April 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable April 2020 Cute Calendar

This adorable cute April calendar will cheer you up. These calendars are more than enough to make you go ‘Aww’ with their aesthetic appeal. They’ll make you really happy and you would always have a delightful mood while having a look at these calendars.

Cute May Calendar 2020

This the month when the kids pamper their mommies with lots of love and gifts. Celebrate this Mother’s Day by showering her care and affection because she deserves it truly. And our snuggly, cute bird will never let you forget this important occasion.

Printable May 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable May 2020 Cute Calendar, Mother’s Day

I hope you will love this endearing May calendar image, kids would love to have this and it makes them cheerful. May is the month of cheerful holidays like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and there is enthusiasm everywhere amongst people.

Cute June Calendar 2020

If May is for mothers, how can fathers stay behind? Come celebrate This Father’s Day on 21st June. The cute daddy who is holding both his kids up strongly in the calendar depicts your father who always, backs you up and tries to uphold you in life.

Printable June 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable June 2020 Calendar Cute, Father’s Day

Though there are not many holidays in June, Father’s Day is the most popular one. Despite being heavily dependent on online calendars and modern gadgets and smartphones, templates, computers, still, there is a significant presence of printable calendars in our life.

Cute July Calendar 2020

Independence Day in the US is celebrated on 4th July. The national flag of the US is unfurled and displayed, and patriotic songs are played. Our calendar will enable the children to value and realize the significance e of freedom and patriotism.

Printable July 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable July 2020 Cute Calendar, Independence Day

Free Printable Calendars are so convenient to use with ease that they don’t bother you constantly with distracting beeps, all you need to place your calendar at a place where you can keep visiting them. Their approach is global so anybody from any profession and field can use them, even these calendars can be used at home related chores like making diet chart, kitchen items list and much more,

Cute August Calendar 2020

This is the month for all the foodies. What can be more fun than getting an entire month to celebrate your madness for food! Provide your munchkins with all the delicacies they like to have. Do not forget to include in his/her diet chart, a slice of yummy, juicy watermelon, like the one shown in our calendar.

Printable August 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable August 2020 Cute Calendar

Kids will definitely be going to love this adorable August Calendar image and they will be encouraged to have healthy food. This could be placed at any favorable location like workstation, desks, and even on refrigerators.

Cute September Calendar 2020

Here comes the yummilicious Chicken Month. It is officially the Chicken Month, and you are getting all the excuses in the world to hog down those delectable chicken dishes along with your kids. The rooster in the calendar will remind your kids to demand sumptuous chicken dishes daily.

Printable September 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable September 2020 Cute Calendar, Chicken Month

Cute calendars 2020 are schedulers or planners which contain chic decorative around it and can be used by kids at any place such as at their schools, home, playschool, coachings, etc. These are the best choice for making your kid write down his or her goals and keep track of them at a much early stage.

Cute October 2020 Calendar

It’s Halloween time once again. Come, remember all those who died, saints, martyrs, and all those faithfully departed. Adorn your ghostly outfits and celebrate the day along with your children by playing games like apple bobbing, divination, etc. kids will love our Halloween theme monthly calendar.

Printable October 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable Cute October 2020 Calendar, Halloween

Kids are innocent and can be easily attracted by modern-day gadgets but its out duty to prevent them from being over indulge with technology. However, it’s the need of the hour to be tech-savvy but to some extent for kids. For making them concentrate, it is important to add less amount of text and more decorative items which make the calendar look very attractive and catchy.

Cute November Calendar 2020

It is the month when people celebrate Thanksgiving Day by doing charitable work and feeling grateful for whatever they have in life. It’s that time of the month when the aroma of roasted Turkey and baked cheese will fill your mind with happiness. Don’t forget to treat your children with yummy roasted turkey, just like the one depicted in our calendar.

Printable November 2020 Cute Calendar
November 2020 Cute Calendar, Black Friday

Which one to choose out of these, the whole choice is yours! If you are intending to follow a schedule in a distinct manner, nothing can be perfect than the printable cute calendar. They are unique in their own way and thus, you will always enjoy following them.

Cute December Calendar 2020

Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s that time of the year again when your naïve kids will go to sleep, hoping to meet Santa and his reindeer. Their innocent minds still wait for the gifts and goodies. Our Christmas themed calendar will cheer them up and bring them all the happiness they deserve.

Printable December 2020 Cute Calendar
Printable December 2020 Cute Calendar, 25th December Christmas Day

These commendable attractive and cute calendars would assist you in keeping the track record of your meetings and appointments. You can also use them as your motivator by including a good number of motivating quotes and other relatable stuff on them. Gain the flexibility to download the varied pretty calendar from our website and that too for free. They are way too satisfactory and would always exceed your expectations.

some of the advantages of decorative calendars:

 Mood Changer:

Instead of just having a plain blank calendar in your room or office, why not have decorative calendars? Moreover, if there is a kid in the house then it is liking icing on the cake, these calendar templates can be a mood changer and add colors to the monotonous and dull life. Decorations on the calendar do give all the more reasons for adults as well as kids to use colorful calendars more often and organize their chaotic life.

Planner from Day one:

Kids are a reflection of what their parents do. They always get their first lesson at home. Right from the beginning, children should be habituated by using calendars as their planners. However, grabbing a child’s attention is one of the biggest tasks one indulges in. To make the kids use calendars in their daily lives, 2020 cute calendars are the best solution. They make the calendar look attractive and captivating. Without much effort, the child is actually attracted to use the calendar which solves the core purpose.

Creative Outlook:

In the dynamic world, we are living in, we can spot creativity at every doorstep. Creative calendars are so distinctive have the varied pattern, design, and shades which help in giving the normal calendar a very creative look. A child’s brain is a developing one that needs to look at creative things around him or her to develop that creative side. Can there be a better thing than decorative designs to enhance the creative quotient of the child’s brain?


Get your hands on a variety of cute calendar templates now and start helping your kids planning out their tasks in a much orderly manner. Nothing better than these calendars to keep a proper record of our own lives.

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