Printable January 2020 Calendar

As January is the beginning of the new year, people make all-time long-term targets such as reading books, going for exercise daily, saving more money, doing yoga, finishing deadlines, etc. All this does require a significant amount of planning and adjustments and moderations in the schedule. A January 2020 calendar can act as a proper tool and prop to act upon on all the freshly made promises. 

January 2020 Calendar Printable

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Free Download Printable January 2020 Calendar

January, the first month of the year is considered an extremely important month both literally and psychologically. The first month of the year has 31 days and is considered the coldest month in the northern region.

1st January, which embarks as the beginning of a new year is considered a holiday worldwide. This is the month where people want to start fresh and want to make new plans.

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January 2020 Calendar: Blank Templates

 January is regarded as the cleanest slate as it is the first month, On the first day of the month a, Blank January 2020 Calendar is what is needed to write down all the plans set for that year.

The month is considered as the most active month where most of the activities kick off and act as a foundation stone.

This is the month where most of the planning about your year takes place, hence that is why it is regarded as a very important month of the year. 

 A black calendar is one that acts as a black slate. January 2020 blank calendar serves as a new slate which gives hopes to the individuals about a new beginning and a fresh start. It arouses in everyone a mixed feeling of joy to start afresh and anxiety to start from scratch.

This is the time when an individual sits alone silently and analyzes their past, lives in the present and foresees their future.

Blank January 2020 Calendar

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How to Use Template for January Calendar 2020?

A calendar acts as a simple and basic tool that can help individuals to plan the schedule. This tool is a very effective one which helps in increasing the productivity of the individual by a greater margin.

To accomplish the final goals, everyone needs a flow just like the January 2020 Printable Calendar to keep a note of the important things and then plan out everything accordingly.

The January Calendar Template will come in different shapes and sizes or even varied designs. These are the templates that come in both vertical and horizontal designs and are available in plenty of design options. The designs range from black and white calendars, floral calendars, Calendars with notes bar, customizable blank calendars, colored calendar templates, etc.

The calendars also give an option to everyone to get it customized as per they particularly like.

The calendar templates come in varied layouts which act as a daily planner, weekly planner, or yearly for individuals. These are a great resource to come handy during the busy time of our schedules.

In the January introduction, planning helps in breaking the tasks and prioritizing them properly to help Individuals achieve different targets on time.

January 2020 Printable Calendar

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2020 calendars are Extremely Handy 

A printable January 2020 calendar is a must to sort and write down points that come in handy properly. A printable calendar is extremely handy as anybody using it can put different marks on it which makes it easier for the one using it to keep a track and not miss out from the schedule or miss out any deadlines. 

One can always write down important events and circle them. This helps in giving an immense amount of clarity and also helps in prioritizing the tasks. With any amount of digitalization, nothing can ever take place of the printable form of calendars which gives so much more space.

January 2020 in The United States

The calendar even contains a list of numbers or holidays such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, New Year’s Day, etc. know about holidays in advance, helps in scheduling the month of the year in a better way. 

 Knowing holidays in advance gives us space and time to plan out things that we like and wait for holidays to pursue them. January as a month does come out to be energetic for everyone, as a month or the year before it which is December is a month which is full of festivities and vigor.

January comes out to be as a month that needs more focused. As the February approaches, people generally decide to make brand new plans, have all-new energy and zeal to take up all their unfished tasks.

Printable January 2020 Calendar Floral Template

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How do I print a calendar for January 2020? 

 Getting hands-on the January 2020 calendar in the printable form is extremely easy. The January 2020 calendar templates are available in bundles to download and which can easily be printed through our site. To provide proper easy and options to everyone, these calendars are available in different formats such as PDF and JPEG formats.

What happened in history in January?

January has a very interesting history, and here are some fun facts about the month.

– The name of January comes from Janus, the Roman god of doors as January acts as a door to the entire year.

– In the ancient Roman calendar, the year started with March. January was not considered a month back then.

– January was added in 700 BC by King Pompilus.

– In the very beginning, January had a total of just 30 days. It was later that Julius Caeser added an extra day and made it 31 days.

January is also considered a very cold month. In most of the states of the country, the temperature ranges from – the degree to 20 degrees. The month is known as a harsh month, as this month a lot of outdoor activities are canceled due to extreme temperature.

January 2020 Calendar Blank Template

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What is special about the month of January?

January marks the commencement of a year and it has been the most perfect time to give a fresh start. Formulate new goals and start maintaining your daily schedule as well as routine! This month is associated with a good number of facts, both interesting and historic. Each day is a celebration and memorable in January and thus, it is associated with many facts.
Below mentioned are some of the interesting facts about January. Read on further:

  • January is considered and named ‘Wolfmonath’ by the Anglo Saxons. It is referred to as the month during which the hungry wolves come to the doors of locals for food.
  • The word January has been derived from the God of gateways, Janus.
  • It is said that Janus consisted of two heads. They were used in seeing both directions. With this, he could see the previous as well as the upcoming year simultaneously.
  • In the UK, January is prominent as the coldest month due to its daytime temperature. Whereas, February is colder in England due to its night time.
  • There are only two plays of Shakespeare that mention January in them. These are Much Ado About Nothing and Winter’s Tale.

Historical events in January

January contains a whole myriad of historical events. This is because it is deeply associated with history. Each day of January acts as a remembrance of every important event.

Here is a list of significant historical events that you must definitely be aware of:

 January 1, 1776The Grand Union Flag was unveiled by George Washington.
January 1, 1993Czechoslovakia was divided into Czech and Slovak republics.
January 3, 1777The British were defeated by General George Washington during the American Revolution.
January 5, 1925 the US got its first female governor i.e. Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming.
January 6, 1990This day marks the breakup of Poland’s Communist Party and its reorganization as Social Democratic Party.
 January 10, 1922The Irish Free state got its first president Arthur Griffith.
 January 19, 1966 India got its lady Prime Minister after the death of Lal Shastri. She was none other than Indira Gandhi.
January 20, 1936This day marks the death of King George V of England.
January 27, 1967 During a fire in Apollo 1, three Americans astronauts were killed at Florida.
 January 28, 1935Abortion was legalized by Israel and it became the first country to do so.

January 2020 Calendar with Holidays
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What Holidays are there in January 2020 in the United States?

January is a very loved month by the people of States, though this month puts a full stop to most of the outdoor festivities and the holiday season. But it acts as a very important month of the year, whereof the planning of the future takes place and hence is considered as a very crucial yet heavy month.

However, still, the month of January accounts for several holidays which are:




Jan-01WednesdayNew Year’s Day 2020
Jan-06MondayEpiphany 2020
Jan-07TuesdayOrthodox Christmas Day 2020
Jan-13MondayStephen Foster Memorial Day 2020
Jan-14TuesdayOrthodox New Year 2020
Jan-17FridayLee-Jackson Day 2020
Jan-20MondayMartin Luther King Jr. Day 2020
Jan-25SaturdayChinese New Year 2020
Jan-29WednesdayKansas Day 2020

What is the first day of 2020?

The New Year’s Day celebrations take place on the first day of the month, which is the 1st of January. New Year’s Day is considered to be one of the most happening events in the country. The New Year is considered a national holiday across the world, which is celebrated on the 1st of January which is the very first day of the year.

People generally celebrate the new year with their loved ones which include friends and families. People celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm. This is the day when everyone meets each other, cooks good food, decorates their houses, gives gifts to each other and whatnot.

People wish each other to wish everyone a lot of luck, good health, good fortune. The tradition of New Year has always been celebrating the festival with food, drinks, dance, and music.

It is considered the happiest time of the year because people love to start fresh. This is a time to get over all the bad and negative thoughts, and put in place also fresh thoughts.

It’s the time for new beginnings. To set new goals and plans and shape your future in a better way. New Year is considered one of the oldest holidays which is celebrated for years. The day of the celebration has remained constant, the rest of everything has changed. The way the festival is celebrated has been changing year by year.

Is MLK Day a Federal Holiday 2020?

Martin Luther King Day is known as the federal holiday which is generally observed on the third Monday of January each year. This is the day when Martin Luther King Jr, the American civil rights leaders’ life is celebrated across the full nation.

He was a very known leader for his extra giving campaigns to put an end to racial segregation on public transport and for racial equality in the United States. His very famous speech ‘I Have A Dream’ has given endorsement to everyone to support him in the fight of equality.


Printable Calendars as small as a thing does form an important part of our lives. Right from the first month, which is January and a January 2020 calendar template helps in planning and targeting all the thoughts and helps in giving a proper direction to the 1000 + thoughts we have.  

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