Free June 2020 Calendar with holidays, events & Festivals

June 2020 Calendar with Holidays: If you are looking for holidays and events in June 2020 across countries then you are in the right place. Father’s Day is the most popular holiday in June in the United States but apart from that but there are some state-level holidays and observances.

June 2020 Calendar with Holidays
June 2020 Calendar with Holidays, Father’s Day

How to print a calendar for June 2020?

With the help of a printable calendar, you eliminate the chances of forgetting important tasks, hence here is June 2020 Calendar with Holidays to scheduling your tasks in an organized way.

For printing a calendar, once you download the calendar in your system it can be printed from any printer available, our calendars are compatible with almost every printer.

You may also browse for more calendars for June 2020 or if you are planning for next month then our freshly curated July 2020 Calendars are also available to download.

June is the hottest month in Northern Hemisphere and if you are a beach lover then you may certainly enjoy with your family and friends.

Before you actually plan for your vacations than just have some facts about the month of June, this way it would be easier to make a decision.

June 2020 calendar with Holidays in the USA:

You may also look for regular June calendars but here are calendar templates dedicated for the June 2020 Calendar with holidays only.  For your convenience, we have listed down the public holidays of a few countries in the month of June: 

2020 June Calendar with Holidays
2020 June Calendar with Holidays in the US, Father’s Day, First day of Summer

June 2020 holidays list

June 2 – Leave The Office Early Day 
June 5 – World Environment Day
June 5 – National Donut Day
June 6 – Higher Education Day 
June 7 – National Cancer Survivor’s Day
June 8 – World Oceans Day
June 8 – Best Friends Day 
June 14 – International Children’s Day 
June 14 – National Flag Day
June 14 – World Blood Donor Day
June 19 – Juneteenth Day
June 20 – World Refugee Day
June 20 – First Day of Summer
June 21 – Father’s Day
June 21 – National Selfie Day
June 21 – World Music Day 
June 21 –  International Yoga Day 
June 23 – National Columnists’ Day
June 25 – National Handshake Day 
June 26 – Take Your Dog to Work Day 
June 27 – National Sunglasses Day
June 30 – Social Media Day 
June 30 – National Postal Worker Day 

 1. Flag Day:

The Flag day is an important event which is celebrated all across America. The day is celebrated to show some respect for the flag in terms of the flag makers and its designs.

The flag of the country is basically representative of the independence and the unity which the nation as achieved in the past.

Americans celebrate this day to recollect the glorious history which is attached to the flag. Americans are very particular about how to raise their flags on that specific day or every day.

People of the country believe that the flag should be held with the highest of regards as It represents the nation.

Here is the June 2020 Calendar with holidays and notes bar at the bottom provided for making extra notes.

June 2020 Calendar with US Holidays
Printable June 2020 Holiday Calendar with Notes Bar

2. Juneteenth Day:

This is the day which is widely celebrated across America since 1862. This day symbolizes and celebrates the end of slavery across the country.

It was Abraham LincoIn, the president who had issued an Emancipation proclamation on 22nd September 1862.

Finally, by the end of 1865, all slaves were eventually left free, and this was an achievement for the country. However, the proper end to slavery was actually marked when the 13th amendment of the constitution was passed.

This is considered a holiday, and on this day, the end of slavery is celebrated in the United States, where happiness and smiles are shared.

June Holidays in Canada:

Saint-Jean Baptiste Day:

This day is also known as St John Baptist Day is a holiday observed every year on 24th June in the Canadian Quebec. It is also widely celebrated by all the French Canadians in the country.

This day was brought to Canada by the French people who were basically settlers and celebrated the traditional feast. This day is observed as a public holiday in Quebec.

There are various events which are organized on this day by a Comite organisateur de la fete. On this day, parades are held. People are seen enjoying a proper feast, keeping bonfires, drinks, and music at home.

Flag-waving also takes place along with patriotic speeches in the country.  This is one of the extraordinary days in Canada, and all the citizens look forward to this day. This is only a significant holiday in the month of June, which is observed in Canada.

June Holidays in the UK:

D-Day Anniversary History:

This is a day of appreciation and awareness to all of the people who had fought in Normandy actually to defeat the Nazis and also re-establish freedom.

Each year on 6th June, the citizens pay tribute to all of the veterans out there who had very bravely fought the Nazis.

St. Peters Day:

This is the day that is widely celebrated in the United Kingdom and is considered a public holiday. The feast of the St. Peter is seen celebrating life as a disciple of Christ.

It was Christ who was known for spreading the love of Christianity throughout the world. It was Peter who had taken on a role as a leader before the death of Christ.

The Catholics of the Roman considered Peter to be the very first Bishop and a Pope. Catholics across Europe are seen celebrating this day.

This is because of the two most important people who were Jesus Christ and Peter. Both have been given credits to spread Christianity is not just the UK, but also in many parts of the world.

United Nations Public Service Day:

This day mainly celebrates all the communities of public services. The organization is seen highlighting the importance of actually having the citizens work for the public sector.

On this day, people are encouraged to work in the public fields and serve the country in the best possible way. This day is widely celebrated across the county on 23rd June.

June Holidays in Australia:

Reconciliation Day:

This is a public holiday which is celebrated in the capital territory of Australia. Here in this territory, Canberra is the only city.

There no fixed date for the Reconciliation day, but it is observed on a Monday each year on or after May. This is the day that marks the anniversary of the 1967 Australian Referendum.

This day also marks the beginning of the National Reconciliation Week. It was on 27th May 1967, when the referendum had approved two odds the amendments to the constitution of Australia, which were related to the indigenous Australians.

Queen’s Birthday:

The Queen’s birthday is considered a holiday. It is regarded as a moveable feast. Queen Elizabeth II Is not just the Queen of Great Britain, but she is also considered as the Queen of Australia. This holiday also marks the beginning of the season of Australian ski.

On this day, businesses are supposed to remain closed. Only a few shops are allowed to be open such as medical stores and hospitals.

The official birthday of the Queen is celebrated in June. Queen Elizabeth II does continue to remain as the Queen of Australia after the 1999 referendum, which has resulted in retaining the monarchy of the Australian constitution.

Western Australian Day:

This day is observed as an Australian regional holiday and celebrated each year on the first Monday of June. Earlier, this day was known as the foundation day.

The Western Australian Day commemorates the day when the first European settlers had arrived in Western Australia and founded the Swan River colony.


June, which is the sixth month of the 12-month calendar period, is considered to be the favorite month for many. The reason behind June being the most awaited month is the ‘Holiday Season.

During June, most of the schools are seen giving a summer break to the children. This is the time when families actually plan out for vacations to their favorite places, so here we are June 2020 Calendar with Holidays to plan with. However, June is also considered a busy month, and if you want to plan your travel, you must do it beforehand. Protection Status