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Blank March 2020 Calendar Template

How is printable March 2020 calendar helpful?

Are you excited to plan out things to be done in the March month? If yes, then nothing is better than a Printable March 2020 calendar to start with.

With the help of a printable calendar, you can plan out the entire month which consists of 31 days in a very organized and simple manner without missing out on some very important events and festivals.

In the current digital world, we are living in, each one of us is addicted to our smartphones and laptops. Even a basic thing such as looking for the calendar to check out the days and dates requires us to access out gadgets.

But are the digital calendars beneficial? They are beneficial but when compared to the printable calendars nothing can beat them.

There is still a huge chunk of the public in the society that does prefer printable calendars as they find it easier and reliable to plan their schedule out. Apart from the March calendar, you may wish to go to the previous month’s February 2020 Calendar or plan for the upcoming month that is April 2020 Calendar.

Printable Calendars turn out to be saviors in the life of an individual who is using it. It helps the individual to plan and be ahead of the schedule. A printable calendar provides several benefits, some of the core ones are

March 2020 Printable Calendar

Here is this sophisticated March calendar template with extra notes space in the bottom.

Other Benefits of Calendar for March 2020

Have a look at the below-mentioned pointers proving their benefits for any person who uses them:

  • Helps in effectively planning the schedule: 

such a fast pace environment, that we live in a PLAN is a must. It is vital to plan out not just your day or week, but the entire month well in advance to live a smooth life. A Black 2020 printable calendar for March can help you get very systematic and planned with time.

  • Ownership and better communication: 

our workplaces, school or even at homes, a printable calendar helps the individual to have a better rapport and communication level with their colleagues and friends. These calendars help individuals to keep a note of all the important tasks without creating any hassles. This also helps the individual building a habit of ownership.

  • Consistency and commitment: 

of us make several strategies throughout our lives, but the question arises how much do we stick to these strategies? Printable calendars work as an alarm clock for us to keep waking up from our dreamy world and live in reality. It helps us prioritize our work so that we don’t end up wasting our time on the tasks which are not important.

March 2020 Blank Calendar

Look for this March 2020 Calendar image in jpg and pdf format with dark header provide greater flexibility for inking notes efficiently.

How do I Print My Calendar for March 2020?

Printing calendars from this site is pretty easy. Here are five templates available for March 2020 calendars in JPG & PDF formats.

You may either print directly while clicking on the image or download it in PDF and print it later on.

Add notes on Calendar: Notes can be added on the calendar, after clicking on the Download button, the image shall open in a new window in fillable PDF format.

What is the Month of March?

March, is the third month of the year which consists of 31 days. The name ‘March’ has been derived from the Roman god of war. For the longest time, March was considered as the beginning of Spring and the beginning of the New Year.

Entire Europe used the March month as the beginning of the very new year. Until 1752, Great Britain had used 25th March as a new year.

 March which has derived its name from Roman god of war ‘mars’. It is popularly known as the first spring month in the northern hemisphere. The reason why it is considered as a spring month is due to the spring equinox which takes place between March 19th-21st every year.

On the other hand, in the southern hemisphere, March is considered to be very identical to September.

Originally, it was considered the first month of the year in the older versions of the Roman calendar. This is because the month was associated with the first day of spring.

Although throughout the globe, January 1st is considered to be the first day of the year or the New Year’s Day, the different regions and cultures celebrate New Year in March.

March is known to begin on the same day of the week as that of February and November and it does end on the same day that of June in the ordinary years.

Printable March 2020 Calendar with Holidays

Watch for this Cute Printable Calendar for March 2020 with floral design provide only in the header part offers a much-needed freshness.

What is the history of March?

March has in its store a very interesting and fun history. Read on further to know more:

  • It was on 3rd March 1923, when the first issue of the weekly Time was published in the kiosk and the teachers of the communist were banned from entering the Public schools. It was on March 7, 1876, that Alexander Graham Bell received a patent or his revolutionary new invention.
  • John Allen Muhammad was sentenced to death in Virginia on 9th March 2004.
  • Eden project had marked its opening in England on 17th March 2001. The Eden project is considered to be the largest greenhouse in the world.
  • It was on March 21st, 1945 that Allied bombers began the four days of heavy raids in Germany, before the actual capture of the allied forces.
  • On March 24th, 1944 the great escape had awakened Hitler’s anger.
  • On March 29th, 2010 suicide bombings in the Moscow metro had taken place.
  • On March 31st, 1959 the spiritual leader of Tibet, Dalai Lama went to India in search of the asylum.

March 2020 Calendar with Holidays

Hopefully, You would care for this simple black and white March 2020 calendar with a grey header.

How’s the Weather in the Month of March?

 March is considered a month of change. This month, the maximum number of changes occurs. The Winter season turns into Spring, the white beautiful snow starts melting, and the bright colored flowers start to boom.

March is also considered to be a very lively month that hosts several festivals, eventful parades, and the various events held in the country.

The major event of the month is the Easter and the ‘Pre-Fasting’ festivities which are mandatorily celebrated on the very first Sunday after the full moon day or sometimes just shortly after the spring equinox.

In addition to such fun and happening festivals and events, many students spend their spring break in March.

Hence, if you are planning a trip on one of these events in March, then you ought to plan properly and mentally prepare yourself for a huge crowd and an ample number of tourists.

Blank March 2020 Calendar Template

This elegant Blank March 2020 Calendar Tempalte in black and white design is quite sophisticated for official tasks.

What are the Holidays in March in the US? 

March marks the commencement of a good number of special occasions. Thus this gives a chance to students as well the locals to celebrate the month to the fullest and take full advantage of several holidays.

Just before the start of the month, locals plan each day of the month to spend time with their family and friends.

Here are some special events which take place in March in the United States:

International Women’s Day:

International Women's Day 2020

Why do we celebrate Women’s Day on March 8?

The reason why women’s day is celebrated on 8th March is that after the women had gained suffrage in 1917 in Soviet Russia, since then 8th March has become a national holiday.

This day was celebrated by the socialist movement and the various communist countries.

Reason for celebrating Women’s Day

International Women’s day is celebrated globally which is not specific to any country, group or organization. Rather it belongs to collect all the groups of the globe.

The day has been observed since the early 1900s, the time which was considered a great expansion period and also a period of turbulence in the industrialization sector of the world.

Since the world is progressing, it has noticed a huge change in the behavior of both men and women and the citizens of the world are moving towards equality which led to the start of Women’s day.

What happens on International Women’s Day?

On this day, global equality is celebrated throughout the world. In various organizations, schools and colleges declare an annual theme for the International Women’s day and celebrate it with full, making the women of the world feel equal and important

Saint Patrick’s Day:

Happy St Patrick's Day 2020 Image

What is St Patrick’s Day and why do we celebrate it?

St Patrick Day is considered as a global celebration of the Irish culture, which is celebrated on 17th March. The day is celebrated to remember St Patrick, who was Ireland’s patron saint.

Who is St Patrick and why is he important?

St Patrick, who is one of the greatest patron saints of Ireland, had died on the 17th March 1943. He had grown up in Roman Britain but later was captured by the Irish raiders who took him to Ireland and treated him as a slave during his young adult life. 

After a great struggle, he returned to Ireland, as a missionary. He worked in the northern and western regions of the country.

He was considered important because St Patrick rid Ireland of snakes. Many scholars have had a hand in ensuring to make the death anniversary of St Patrick’s death became a feast day in the Catholic Church.

Why do we wear green on St Patrick’s Day?

On St Patrick’s Day, people have generally been seen wearing green. This is due to Ireland’s nickname as “The Emerald Isle”, which showcased the green in the Irish flag and clover which St Patrick used in his teachings about Catholicism.

What do people on St Patrick’s Day?

There are a number of parties that take place on this day featuring Irish food and drinks that are dyed in green food color. The different food items and drink people eat on St Patrick’s Day are:

  1. Irish brown bread.
  2. Corned beef and cabbage.
  3. Beef and Guinness pie.
  4. Irish cream chocolate mousse cake.
  5. Irish coffee

Employee Appreciation Day:

This is the day where all the bosses get a chance to praise and thank their employees for the efforts, they put every day. This is the day when bosses get an opportunity to support, thank and reward all the workers.

Employee Appreciation Day is always observed on the first Friday of March. It is considered to be a thank you day for the entire staff, hence this day does not observe any holidays. The entire staff comes to the office to celebrate the day.

However, if you are the team lead or the boss in the company, then this is the day when you can show your entire team how much you appreciate them and their hard work. In the past, bosses have invited their entire team for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. They have even organized office parties which include movie watching sessions, indoor games, thanksgiving gifts.

A few bosses in the past had also organized outdoor games such as tug-of-war and similar games. This is the day when employees and team lead together take an ample number of photos and post them on the company’s social media page. This is a great way of showing how much the organization cares for its employees and respects them.

National Vietnam War Veterans Day:

National Vietnam War Veterans Day 2020

Every year, on the 29th March National Vietnam War Veterans Day, is observed in the United States. 2012 was the first year when this day was observed. It was observed to honor the American military who had served to shed their blood and sweat during the Vietnam War that took place amid 1955-1975.

Every year, on the 29th March National Vietnam War Veterans Day, is observed in the United States. 2012 was the first year when this day was observed.

It was observed to honor the American military who had served to shed their blood and sweat during the Vietnam War that took place amid 1955-1975.

The war with Vietnam included Vietnam in Southeast Asia, as well as neighboring countries Cambodia and Laos. During the war, millions of people were the kind majority of them were Vietnamese civilians.

The conflict had begun in 1950 between the northern part of the communist country and the anti-communist south. Matters between the two parties had intensified which resulted in a war. The conflict had finally ended in 1975 with the fall of Saigon and the victory of North Vietnam.

The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act 2017 does establish this day as a national celebration for the entire country.

However, on this day no holiday is observed in the entire country. In the United States, various memorial events such as wreaths, speeches, and lunches are organized to celebrate the National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

The locations of the event include Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, military cemeteries and war veteran medical facilities, etc.

Cesar Chavez Day:

Cesar Chavez Day 2020

This is the day that celebrates Cesar Estrada Chavez’s birthday. On this day, Cesar Estrada Chavez is given a lot of praise and appreciation for his commitment to social justice and his immense respect for human dignity. Cesar Chavez Day is considered to be a holiday in a total of 9 states, which gives the residents of the United States a free day.

The celebrations of Cesar Chavez Day take place in various parts of the United States. Every year, Cesar Chavez Day is celebrated on the 31st of March in the States.

All the schools in the country must give off to the students as well as the staff. The majority of the businesses are also closed on Cesar Chavez’s day.

This day is considered to be a California holiday and is optional in states such as Colorado and Texas. However, the celebration of Cesar Chavez Day goes much beyond these 3 states and spread throughout the country.

The various other countries which celebrate Cesar Chavez Day with full vigor and life areMichigan, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nebraska, etc. On this day, the community leaders of the various countries use the opportunity to talk to their public about the various values Cesar Chavez has shown throughout his life.

They talk about how he was a man of his words, morals, and ethics. These leaders urge the public to adopt such traits in them to be valuable citizens. Leaders mention the positive attitude Cesar Chavez had on the entire public of the nation.

Final words:

March as a month is considered to be a very important month as it is known to be a month full of changes. This is because March is considered to be a month full of events and festivals. It also marks as a month where several holidays are there. Almost every day in March is a grand celebration and “March 2019 Printable Calendar” plays an important role in management. March is one of the most awaited months of the year. The month is quite historical since it incorporates many events from the past.


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