Free Printable Monthly Planner: Elegant & Cute Template

Printable Monthly Planner Template is a blank sheet or notebook which are used widely by the people to plan their future targets and goal. They help everyone to bring structure to their lives, which in turn helps in bringing the individual out of the customer zone and reminding him or her of the everyday targets set for a month.

Here are the Elegant Printable Monthly Planner: 6 Cute Designs

Monthly planners act as a savior of any individual who is too much into planning and organizing. Each month, one can always print a blank monthly calendar and put it on the walls which act as a reminder of the goals and tasks mentioned.

Monthly Planner Template 2020
Plain and simple Monthly Planner

The clean blank planner is a very effective way to track the long term monthly goals and agendas. Individuals also get an option to customize their monthly calendars as per their likes and dislikes.

Printable Monthly Planner Template
Elegant Monthly Planner

The calendar templates can also have colorful design options that come in both vertical and horizontal layouts. Individuals can also customize the size of the planner as per the want.

A monthly planner is like a blank paper which gives each one of us a chance to start every month as a fresh day, filled with opportunities, goals, and plans. Printable Monthly planners are generally very plain in design and come in moderate sizes which are easily kept at homes or offices.

Monthly Planner Printable 2020
Monthly Planner Printable with Notes

How to Organize Monthly Planner?

These plain designs help the individuals to physically mark and write everything they want to as a part of future planning. Hence, these planners can consist of a single page or multiple pages where each page is blank and one can write all the future plans in it.

Blank Monthly Planner
Monthly Planner in Vertical Layout

Maintaining a monthly planner template can help each one of us to complete all our targeted goals and assignments on time. However, it is important to organize the planner for better and effective results. Once the individuals have made a choice of the kind of tasks they require, the next step is to start organizing it.

Monthly Planner 2021
Monthly Planner 2021 with To-Do List

Tips to use a Monthly Planner

There are multiple ways to organize the planner, some of the common ways are as follows:

Set Your Agenda:

Each day the individual can have a look at the agenda, use the checkboxes to tick if the agendas have been completed. The monthly planner printable has a lot of space to offer, which makes it easier for the individual to keep adding extra information also as the days pass by.

Printable Monthly Planner
Monthly Planner Template

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Create Sections:

One can create sections according to the kind of work which needs to be done and fill the to-do list by segregating it into sections. These sections make it very easy to plan the entire month in an easy way.

Colour coding the planner:

Color coding is again an interesting way to sort the to-do-list regularly. It will help the huge list to look easy and readable. Organizing the planner is extremely important to stay updated with your own goals and targets.

It helps one to stay one step ahead of the tasks they are supposed to do and never miss out on any deadlines.

Why you should use a Planner Every Month?

Although everyone is aware of the basic benefits of a monthly planner, it has a lot of benefits to offer such as:

Time Management:

Prioritizing and scheduling tasks is always key to maintain time in an effective way. Using a monthly planner template allows the individuals to schedule every event, important errands, appointments, meetings, tasks so that they are well informed from the very start and do not miss out on any deadlines.

The planner helps in setting out due dates and deadlines to achieve all the tasks on time without any delay.

Although everyone is aware of the basic benefits of a monthly planner, it has a lot of benefits to offer such as:

Raised the productivity bar:

A monthly planner trains an individual to become extremely productive. This quality is important for both professional as well as personal life. Productivity is required everywhere be it at home, school, college, office. One needs to run basically as well as vital errands. The planners help individuals to stay focused and on track. It acts as an encouragement force that pushes the limit.

Plan each Day:

When an individual lives an unorganized life, they are always under stress due to piled up work and busy schedules. In such a case, a monthly planner acts as a savior. An individual can actually plan each day of the month and write it down. The planner helps in achieving the targets very smoothly without missing out on anything important.

What You May Write in Your Planner?

Your planner is a reflection of your future goals and targets. The first step towards getting organized is to have a strategy written properly. Hence, it becomes very important to know what exactly needs to be written and why.

Few things which anyone can include in their planner:

Important Dates

Due to busy schedules, we forget the important dates which can cause a huge loss to use both personally and professionally. Monthly Planner template can be used to write down vital dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, the expiry date of documents, deadlines, reminders, etc.

Daily Challenges:

Each individual has a bundle of challenges in his or her life. One can always set out either daily or weekly planning at the beginning of the month and at the end of each day, do a thorough analysis of the performance.

Monthly Budget Planner:

For the longest time, we have used diaries to write down our monthly budget. The monthly budget planner is no different. The planner helps in recording the monthly budget of the individual written down on a daily basis. This helps in tracking down the actual expense and avoids wastage of money.


Overall, a printable monthly planner acts as a very handy book that can be carried along anywhere and everywhere. One can always check the targets and goals every day in the morning. Before the day ends, he or she can always review the targets and analyze the problem areas. This helps in making life more systematic.

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