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November is the eleventh and second last month of the year with a total of 30 days. Some of the most celebrated holidays in the United States are Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

Here are 5 calendar templates for the November 2019 Calendar with Holidays. Enjoy using them hopefully, they will be helpful in accomplishing most of the tasks.

November 2019 Calendar with Holidays

Printable Monthly Calendars


Many people in the present time are making use of online calendars. This might be because they perform every function with just a single click. Apart from that, they have many other advantages that a person would love.

But still, there exist many people who would want to choose the paper calendars over the digital ones. You might still be thinking about why exactly a person needs a printable calendar in the digital world. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Get everything at a single place

While using the digital calendars, you would have to swipe between applications to see what all you need to do. This might waste your time. However, the same is not the case with paper calendars.

While using a paper calendar you don’t have to use many applications or dodge between them. There would be a single paper calendar and you can see as well as check the dates, events, and records whenever you need.

November Calendar 2019 With Holidays

2. Getting past events easily

If you are intending to see the dates of any past event, there are chances that you won’t get that in digital calendars. There are some calendar apps that delete your past records after a length of time.

On the other hand, a paper calendar does not delete any kind of past records irrespective of how long it has been there. Unless you erase it or tear it off, it is going to mark its presence.

2019 November Calendar with Holidays

3. Efficiently plan your sessions

One of the most important reasons for using paper calendars is that you can easily plan your sessions. Keep a track of your appointments, jot down notes for anything important whenever you need it. This is going to give you specific information even when you are in a hurry. You can even mark the dates with different colors just to differentiate one event from the other.

4. No more electronic notifications

Aren’t the constant notifications on your phone reminding you about the events irritating? Well, paper calendars will help you in staying away from such electronic notifications. This can prove as a great reason for you to opt for a paper calendar.

Write your appointments down, check them whenever you want at a place where you have settled it. No more beeps on your phone!

November Calendar with Holidays 2019

5. Use it whenever you want to

Let’s suppose you are communicating with a client on a call and if you want to check any schedule, can you do it with a digital calendar? Yes, you can but for that, you need to hang up on the call.

When using a paper calendar, you won’t have to hang up anyone. Just simply open up the calendar and see or make the schedule as per your preferences.

Calendar November 2019 with Holidays

November 2019 Holidays

Here are some of the most popular holidays to celebrate in November 2019 in the United States.

Nov-11MondayVeterans Day
Nov-28ThursdayThanksgiving Day
Nov-29FridayBlack Friday


Despite digital calendars, paper calendars are still preferable by the majority of the population nowadays. You can use these calendars whenever you want to with any kind of issue. Place them anywhere be it a kitchen, room, bathroom or a balcony. Get reminded about your upcoming events whenever you have a look at the paper calendars.

November 2019

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