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Blank 2019 Calendar October te

Even with such a technological advancement in the contemporary world, nothing can beat the perfection in the printable calendars. You need to schedule the activities for the whole day and they can be done in the best way possible with the help of a printable calendar.

In order to increase your calendar productivity, you will have to enhance your time usage. In this write-up, you are going to have a glance at some of the best ways in which you can manage your day to day activities and that too very conveniently.

How to print a calendar:  Either print directly while clicking on the image in Jpeg format or download all calendars in One PDF file with the help of the “Download” button given below.

Blank 2019 Calendar October te

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1. Plan your day one night before:

In order to increase your calendar’s productivity, you need to plan your ideal day a night before so that there is no hassle in the same. It is done in order to enable you to manage the next day how exactly it is meant to be. When you are going to wake up, you would know what will be the first activity that is meant to start your day.

2019 Blank October Calendar

2. Mapping out your day:

Mapping out your whole day isn’t going to be right or wrong! Instead, it truly depends upon the inclusions that you will be adding on to it. Here are the things that you may like to include in your printable calendar while planning out your day:

  • Phone calls, appointments and other meetings fixed up for the whole day.
  • Other self-care activities such as meditation, exercising or engrossing in something new.
  • Some of the priorities that you would be intending to make progress on till the day ends.

Blank Calendar October 2019

3. Time blocking is the key:

In order to plan as well as manage your daily tasks, you can make use of time blocking. For accomplishing some of your most important tasks on your printable calendar, you can block your time. For example, you can block your tenure from 9-11am for having some breakfast and freshen up. This will help you in use your time more wisely and each task is definitely going to complete on time.

4. Never forget the breaks:

Well its quite obvious that no human can work 24*7 without any pause in between. Breaks are quite necessary in ensuring your peak productivity. Thus, there exists a dire need for you to schedule some breaks in between your whole day’s plan for your brain to have some rest and recharge the senses.

Blank October Calendar 2019

5. Assembling similar tasks together:

When you are filling up your printable calendar with the activities you need to perform during the day you can keep the similar ones together. For example, if you have many appointments and meetings then you can set them in the same batch, and take them all the same day. This is a very simple idea and you won’t have to jump to different ideas at the same time.

Blank October 2019 Calendar

Download all October Calendar Template in One PDF File

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Download October PDF Calendar

October 2019 Calendar with Holidays

There are many holidays to celebrate in October in the United States but yes of course but Columbus Day and Halloween Day are the most popular.

Holidays in October

Oct-14MondayColumbus Day 2019
Oct-16WednesdayBoss’s Day 2019
Oct-19SaturdaySweetest Day 2019
Oct-31ThursdayHalloween Day 2019

Printable Calendars are always a savior! Especially for those who are a dire follower of time management and pre-planning of their days, nothing can be the best than scheduling through the printable calendars. You must definitely follow each and everything in a defined manner so that everything goes as planned.

October 2019

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