December 2019 Printable Calendar

Printable December 2019 Calendar: Downloadable

Here are Printable December 2019 Calendar, I have provided 5 different calendar template. You may choose whichever suits your needs. December is the last and twelfth month of the year with a total of 31 days as per the Gregorian calendar.

All calendars available here are in JPG and PDF formats. JPG format can be avail by directly clicking on the image and print-out can be taken from your browser or download your favorite image in PDF format.

Blank December 2019 Calendar

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Printable calendar for time management

Let’s find out with few examples that why printable calendars are so beneficial in managing our daily routine.

Here we are talking about printable calendars and the first question may strike in your mind that why printable calendars and not digital or cloud calendar.

Well, we all know that having access on a digital calendar rather than printable calendars is much convenient but despite that digital convenience printable calendars are still a life saver for many, like us.

Here are some of the most beneficial points.

Printable calendars are tangible

You may easily schedule your daily, weekly or monthly undertakings in digital format at your device or in the cloud. But imagine a printable calendar at your workstation with upcoming tasks highlighted at one place, looks more real than the files in clouds.

December 2019 Calendar Printable

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Writing helps to remind things for longer

There was a study conducted on two groups of students with 6 members in each group. Group A provided with laptops and Group B with pen and paper. A 5 minutes speech given to them and asked them to take notes from the speech.

As Group A was equipped with the laptop so it could manage to note down most of the notes and on another hand Group B had to struggle to write down notes on paper while the speech was on, but this practice made them remember the speech and write down after the speech finished in their own style.

After one week when they asked to recall notes from the speech, it was Group B who could answer. Hence it indicates when we write on paper it helps us to remember things for a longer period.

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Printable Calendars are easy to manage.

Printable calendars offer the whole month’s official priorities at one glance and split up the month on the basis of tasks performed, hence make it helpful to easily figure out which tasks to perform at what time and what are the tasks which need to be prioritized.

While they are in front of you every-time, so it doesn’t let you forget your much-sought tasks and keep you on the toes to when the particular action needs to be taken.

Calendars are an effective tool to make us productive and help in making most out of the day. I personally use the printable calendar to manage my routine tasks.

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December 2019 Holidays

Here are some of the most popular holidays to celebrate in December 2019 in the United States.

December 2019 Calendar with Holidays

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These are some of the major holidays in December 2019 across countries. You may look into your schedule and plan your vacations accordingly.

I am keen to seek feedback if you find these calendars helpful, kindly mention in the comment section below.

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