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Printable Weekly Planner Elegant Designs

Weekly planner is a blank sheet consisting of days of the week written to help the user to plan the week. It is a blank state which allows the users to write as much as they want, structure their lives in a much-organized way.

Weekly Planner Printable
Weekly Planner Printable

What is a weekly Planner?

Weekly planner as the name suggests helps the individual to achieve their weekly tasks. It is very important to have a proper structure in the way we live and what better than a printable weekly planner can help it to get it in our everyday workings. Individuals also have room to customize their weekly calendars as per their own needs and wants.

Printable Weekly Planner Template 2020
Printable Weekly Planner

The weekly planner template acts as a reminder that allows every individual to track the progress of the goals. The planner helps the individual to remain focussed throughout. Weekly challenges are like mini-challenges which help the individual to make really small targets and achieve them from time to time. It does not add a lot of pressure also on the individual.

How do I organize my Free weekly Planner?

Organizing a weekly planner is an important task, whether they are Free weekly planner or monthly planners. There are several ways to organize a planner, below are given some useful tips to organize your planner in a more efficient manner.

Free Weekly Planner
Free Weekly Planner

Keep bookmarks:

Bookmarks are a great way of keeping notes of important pages so that one does not miss out on the important things written down. When a lot of data is written in the Free weekly planner, it becomes important to prioritize things amongst all the data written. Bookmarks are the way to help the users to prioritize important tasks and events and never miss out on anything important.

Make sub-sections:

Divide your tasks into sub-sections. This will help in clearly defining the goals. Once you divide your goals into sub-sections it makes it easier to work in an organized manner. This also avoids confusion and helps to work systematically.

Make Your Weekly Planner Template Attractive:

A weekly planner is generally blank which checkmates which allows the user to tick as and when required. But, who does not like the color in their lives? Use a considerate number of colors and sticky notes to make your weekly planner template cute and presentable. One should always feel excited to write and read their planners. Hence, increasing the excitement quotient is becoming necessary to convert the weekly planner into a lively one.

Weekly Planner Template
Weekly Planner Template

This seven-day planner template in a simple minimalist design with the to-do list is ideal to keep at the workstation or any other relevant place.

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Why you should use a Weekly or monthly planner?

The current generation is generally always under high stress and tension as there is very little time and a lot to do. Using planner templates could be very beneficial as its a tough task to remember all important things in mind for a longer duration, so here come planners as a perfect solution.

Monthly planners and weekly planners are most commonly used though there are many formats available online bust these two are quite sufficient for most of the tasks.

A weekly planner comes in handy at such times which allows the individuals to properly plan, organize, and strategize the entire week well in advance so that no important task is missed out. There are multiple reasons why one should be in a regular habit of using a weekly planner.

 The major benefits are as follows:

Helps in creative activities:

Weekly planners help us getting into an organized schedule regularly. There is research which states that if a person plans the day well in advance then it’s most likely to get enough time to not just finish off the to-do list but also to give time to their selves and indulge in some creative activities. Individuals can take out time by following their passion or hobbies during their free time. If an individual sincerely sticks to the weekly planner organizer, then he can easily take out time for a little free time for your artistic endeavors.

Humans are not machines and do require rest and some fun activities regularly. Another research suggested that, if a human being does not take enough breaks then his productivity will go down even if he invests extra hours. Hence, following a regular schedule written in the blank weekly planner allows the individual to take out some ‘ME’ time regularly.

Free Weekly Planner 2020 Template

A handy book for records:

Throughout our lives, we are surrounded by information, data, and records. A planner template is a very effective way of maintaining records, different tasks, appointments, and varied notes. One can always keep a note of all the important dates related to birthday anniversaries, meetings, or catching up with friends and family. This way it becomes impossible to miss out on any important event of your life. Maintaining an event planner helps the individual to live a smooth and easy life instead of regularly running from one place to the other task in a hurry.

What should I write in my Seven-day planner?


Each individual has several goals and aspirations. However, until we write our goals and clearly define them. Writing the goals in your planner makes the path crystal clear and then the entire focus is on achieving the target.


Budgeting is an art. Not everyone can be artistic. Overspending is a very important characteristic trade that all of us suffer from. However, it is very important to note the amount of money we spend throughout the day or week. Hence, a proper budget should be made which helps you analyze your expenditure. This way the individual will know if he or she has spent on events that were not necessary and can avoid spending on them in the future. Regularly maintain a budget helps you keep control of your expenditure. Budgeting also helps you pay all the bills on time without any delay and saves you from penalties.


Weekly planner templates act as a combination of reminders and a reality check. They help the individuals to keep moving to and fro from one side to the other. They keep reminding the individual to finish off their schedule tasks and the to-do list and at the end of each week, the planners give a provision to the users to keep reviewing their performances. Notice any loopholes, analyze the reason for the loopholes, and work hard to overcome next time.

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